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BMTS Service Scheduler

The BMTS Service Scheduler is the latest addition to the BMTS family of products. Designed to be both easy to use as well as powerful, this new module provides a graphical calendar based scheduler format that offers the simplicity of drag and drop functionality to make assignment of jobs a breeze.


As with all BMTS modules, dealer options allow each dealership to set parameters according to their needs. For example, dealers can allow all events to be moved freely around the schedule, or they can elect to have events initially "locked", requiring a comment to be entered if the "end date" changes. The comment is recorded as a BMTS Web Note associated with the work order, providing a full audit trail explaining the reason behind any work extensions.


Additional pertinent information concerning each Service Ticket is displayed when the user hovers over an event, and several options are available via the right-click context menu to perform additional actions on schedule items.

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