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About BMTS

BMTS Intranet Inc. has been providing web based service solutions for Caterpillar DBS dealers since 2006.  The actual development of the BMTS software actually began well before that time, when Blake McArthur started developing web based add-ons to DBS for Butler Machinery, the Caterpillar dealer in North and South Dakota.  As they started experiencing tremendous productivity improvements through the use of those add-ons, the potential for use by other DBS dealers became apparent. As a result, BMTS (Blake McArthur Technology Solutions) was created to bring this solution to other dealers.


Since that time, our proven solutions have helped Caterpillar dealers maximize their investment in DBS, by providing a robust, user-friendly interface for the DBS Service and Warranty functionality. The functionality provided by BMTS has grown over time based on the demands of our user community. Development is user driven and user focused, resulting in tools that provide true value to dealers.


We pride ourselves on our intense commitment to customer satisfaction, and on our business ethics. While we are obviously in business to make a profit, our decisions are guided by what is best for our customers. As a result, we offer an extremely cost effective solution for dealers that are looking for real solutions and not just promises.


We are not a marketing driven organization, focusing instead on simply creating software that works and solves the problems faced by the dealer community.  We understand the importance of satisfied customers, as one of our primary sales tools is customer testimonials.


Our tools are designed to provide users with the information that they require to effectively perform their jobs, and to eliminate redundant entry of data. We strive to offer solutions that are not only extremely easy to use, but that also provide the opportunity for making users as efficient as possible. 

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