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Customer Communications

BMTS helps streamline communications with your customers through the full integration with the BlackChair CMP (Communications Management Platform).  CMP provides an easy way for your employees to keep in contact with customers, through email, SMS text messaging or outbound voice communications. Not only does it make communications effortless, it helps keep your entire team in the know,

Service Wizard

The BMTS Service Scheduler provides an easy to use calendar style grid to assist with job scheduling, making job assignments a breeze. 

BMTS Scheduler

Service Wizard

The BMTS Service Wizard helps guide you through the Work Order Process.  Starting with the initial customer contact, the Service Wizard provides the information and tools required to most efficiently generate and maintain work orders and segments. 

Service Reporting

The BMTS Service Report provides technicians with an easy to use method of completing their service reports to describe the work performed.. The information from these reports is available to all authorized users immediately upon entry, and is used as the basis for populating work order and warranty notes, without a requirement for re-keying of data.

Warranty Processing

BMTS provides several functions to aid in the efficient processing of warranty information, including a Warranty Parts Storage module that makes it easy to track and eventually dispose of parts being retained for warranty purposes.


Time Collection

BMTS provides the tools to allow your technicians to quickly and easily  enter their time correctly. Data entry is minimized through the use of links from other BMTS modules, as well as context sensitive drop-downs. Not only does this simplify the time collection process, but it also helps ensure the accuracy of the data, virtually eliminating the requirement for later adjustments or transfers. Once time is entered, it can be applied automatically to the appropriate work orders through the approval process.

Customer Information

BMTS provides the Customer Dashboard as the starting point for locating all relevant information concerning customer data. It provides access to customer contacts, machine population, service letters, warranty information and more.

In addition to showing current information, the Customer Dashboard also provides easy access to customer history, ensuring that all members of your team have instant insight into the customers you serve.

Equipment Information

The BMTS Equipment Snapshot puts all pertinent information concerning the equipment in your territory at your fingertips. 

The BMTS Equipment Pop Module even provides tools to help a dealer maintain accurate and up-to-date equipment population records, through security controlled access to both immediate updates and Gate Keeper based requests.

Work Order Information

The tools provided by BMTS provide you with everything you need to know about work orders in your system, regardless of status.

Powerful search tools allow you to locate work orders based on almost any combination of search parameters you can dream up, ensuring that you can always find that needle in the haystack. 

Key Performance Indicators

BMTS Provides several KPI functions that provide management with insight into important metrics, such as Last Labor to Close, Segment Variance, Labor Turns, etc.

The data underlying the BMTS KPI functions is refreshed on a nightly bais, ensuring that management is dealing with current information rather than data that may be up to a month old.

And more.....

In order to truly understand all that BMTS has to offer, you really need to see it in operation. 


We would be pleased to arrange for a live web based demonstration to show the benefits that could be yours by choosing the well proven BMTS solution. Please contact us for more information.


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