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Live Real-Time DBS Data

BMTS runs on the same iSeries that DBS runs on. This allows BMTS to make use of live DBS data in real time. Information shown in BMTS is always completely in step with your live DBS data, and updates made through BMTS are reflected immediately in DBS as well.

Information at your fingertips

BMTS is designed to provide you with all of the relevant information you need when and where you need it. The most critical information required to perform a task is presented front and center, while relevant supplemental information is only a click away.  Your users spend their time utilizing your valuable data resources to help make better decisions, rather than searching for the information that they need.

Eliminate redundant data entry

BMTS can help eliminate the redundant entry of data. For example, after a technician enters repair information on their Service Report, that information can be carried forward to DBS invoices and warranty stories without a requirement for rekeying of the data. In addition, intelligent use of links allows easy and accurate navigation between functions, carrying forward key information.

Visibility into your data

BMTS provides a rich set of tools to make it extremely easy to find information that might otherwise be difficult or even impossible to find without the need for special queries. 


In addition to the various robust search functions available, BMTS also provides several special purpose functions to provide additional insight into your data.


Insight into your data

Not only does BMTS make it easy for your operational employees to easily find the information they need to efficiently perform their jobs, it also provides tools for supervisory and management personnel to help them analyze and interpret data to help make better decisions.

Easy Implementation

Since it works alongside your existing DBS functionality, implementing BMTS at your dealership can be a painless procedure. The BMTS functionality can be rolled out to users on a staged and controlled basis. The software is easy to use, so training requirements are minimal.

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